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DRABBLE/POETRY: 'Sex, Guys & Limericks' - Lady Flame [R]


A set of 3 slashy limericks for Spike/Xander...

WORD COUNT: 30 words, 33 words & 37 words.

TITLE: Sex, Guys & Limericks
AUTHOR: Lady Flame
SERIES: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Drabble/Poetry - Humour/Parody
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
WARNINGS: Slashy Limericks!!
PUBLISHED: 19 April 2005
ARCHIVED: redhotwords, AdultFanFiction, y!Gallery, SkyeHawke, & NummyTreats
CROSS POSTED: bandofbuggered, bloodclaim, & sxandviolence
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I was reading Chapter 90 of 'Night of Nights' by Sajinn, (definitely a recommended read, at least one orgasm per chapter guaranteed, sequil to 'Day of Days', and can be found at, when I was inspired to write a couple of limericks of all things. First time I've ever attempted to write a limerick, so I apologise if they suck *snickers* (pun intended).

There once was a vampire called Spike,
With whom I really liked to fight.
But making up after,
I'd have to be dafter,
To say 'No' to fucking all night!!

# # # # # @ # # # # #

There once was a mortal called Xander,
To who's needs Spike did like to pander.
With a lick, and a slick,
He took his whole dick,
Now that's a sight worth a gander!!

Neither of the two limericks above were my very first attempt, that would be the limerick below, which I'm adding as a little something extra...

There once was a vampire named Spike,
Who said he wanted my head on a pike.
But then came the chip,
And now if he wants to squick,
He says he wants to fuck me all night!!

Tags: buffy/angel, drabble poetry, homoerotica, humour/parody

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