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DRABBLE/POETRY: 'You're An Idiot, But I Love You...' - Lady Flame [R]


This is the result of being inspired after betaing sablerose2's poem on the 'Excessant' yahoogroup...

WORD COUNT: 229 words

TITLE: You're An Idiot, But I Love You...
AUTHOR: Lady Flame
SERIES: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Drabble/Poetry - Romance
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
WARNINGS: a couple of 'naughty' words, but mainly WAFFy
PUBLISHED: 1 August 2005
ARCHIVED: redhotwords, AdultFanFiction, y!Gallery, SkyeHawke, & NummyTreats
CROSS POSTED: bandofbuggered, bloodclaim, & sxandviolence

You are but a child,
but you make me wild.
And I feel I must,
fulfil this lust,
before I turn to dust,
as I fuck the just.

Is this just a craze,
but GOD you amaze!!
Your skin of gold,
that when all things are told,
make me want to hold
you until the end of days!!

I love your wild passion,
(but not your sense of fashion)
I love the way you fuck,
and I can't believe my luck,
I'll NEVER pass the buck,
to some other silly bint!!

You've given me your body,
and I want to take your soul.
It should be a crime,
how much I want to make you mine!!
If it weren't for this stupid chip,
I'd have you join me in my crypt...

But then I stop and think,
I really like you in the pink.
I like to watch you having fun,
your skin shining golden in the sun.
And then you see me in the shade,
of some forgotten glade...

You come to me and say,
"Spike, are you stalking me today!!"
Then you smile, and squeeze me tight,
grab my zippo, and give me a light,
and as our hand brushes,
in the lightest of touches.

You kiss my cheek, and say to me
"Spike, you're an idiot... but I love you!!"
and I say, "Yeah, me too..."

Tags: buffy/angel, drabble poetry, fan fiction, shonen-ai/slash fiction

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