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ANTHRO FANART: 'Oh My!!' - Lady Flame [G]


Drawn for a friend at work who loves the 'Crash Bandicoot' games on the PS2, personally I don't own a console, but Crash & friends are cool to draw...

TITLE: Oh My!!
ARTIST: Lady Flame
GENRE: Crash Bandicoot - Fanart - Anthro
IMAGE TYPE: Traditional/Digital
PUBLISHED: 19 February 2004 (revised 2 December 2004)
ARCHIVED: redhotwords, deviantART, & FurAffinity (currently offline)

Coco Bandicoot looking vaguely surprised :P

Drawn/inked by hand, coloured with markers, then touched up in Photoshop. A simple background was added, the tone and colour was smoothed and lightened overall, redrew her lips, and added the light reflections in her eyes.

Picture hosting:

Tags: anthro art, crash bandicoot & friends, fan art

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