December 24th, 2005


FANART: 'Fairy!Sex' by Lady Flame [NC17]


This was drawn for rakshathewolf's 'Fairy Dust', and is based on a photo manip done by fanbot, who kindly agree to let me use it as a pose reference. *huggles*

I started drawing the rough sketch of this, on the train down to London to see James Marsters in concert, but most of the detail work was done in the last fortnight, as I wanted to get this posted before Christmas, since this is kind of a Xmas Pressie for rakshathewolf) & fanbot), seasonal greetings ladies... with lots of hugs & kisses!!

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sea witch

ORIGINAL ART: 'Supplication of a Fallen Angel' - Lady Flame [PG]



I drew this whilst at work last Christmas, but due to everything which was been going on at the time, this didn't get posted then... better late than never!! XD

This is my Christmas Pressie/Card to everyone here on LJ... Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!! *blows kisses to everyone*

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