November 7th, 2006

Todd/Kurt Slash

FIC: 'Midnight Swim' by Lady Flame [FRM]


TITLE: Midnight Swim
AUTHOR: Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk)
SERIES: X-men Evolution
PAIRING: Todd/Kurt
WARNINGS: Skinny Dipping, Voyeurism & Frottage
AUTHORS NOTE: I'm writing this for toddkurtslash, cause I realised that for someone who writes & draws as much as I do, I've been hopelessly neglecting this fandom, which is unforgivable, since I really am a big fan... so although this is definitely not my first fanfiction, it is my first Todd/Kurt, so appropriately enough I'm gonna jump in the deep end, and make a big splash, even if it's really the wrong time of year to be writing about hot summer nights... *lol*

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