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FIC: 'Ten Blow Jobs - #2 - In The Parking Lot' by Lady Flame [FRAO]


CHAPTER TITLE: #2 - In The Parking Lot
AUTHOR: Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk)
SERIES: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 4 ('A New Man' & 'The I in Team')
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
WARNINGS: Blow Jobs & Strong Language
AUTHORS NOTE: I'm writing this for my fall_for_sx day, and you wouldn't believe how many times I've changed my mind over which plot bunny to write... I decided I wanted to give you something HOT, but most of my plot bunnies were slow starters, and I wanted to get right down to the down and dirty. In the end I decided to brush this one off... I had intended to bring this one out at Christmas, but I guess Christmas comes early this year.

Xander was strangely in two minds about Spike leaving the basement, and moving into the 'nice' crypt he'd found in the cemetary. On the one hand he was extremely irritating, and his presence was causing problems with Anya. Though it wasn't her personally, it was the fact that Xander couldn't do anything with Anya when Spike was there, and Xander only had to see something of Spike's to lose the mood. On the other hand, Xander had found that occasionally Spike was actually good company, and that he had a sneaking suspision, that he wasn't the only one who secretly enjoyed the banter between them.

Although neither of them had ever mentioned what happened that first night at the cemetary, Xander found himself thinking about it at the most inopportune times, like every time Anya blew him, and he could safely say that if someone stuck a gun to his head, and made him admit which he liked best, the answer wouldn't begin with an A. But Spike was moving out, and as someone once said, 'Put ye away from temptation'.

Xander had been to the SuperMart to get milk, bread, twinkies, the essentials... and had just bent over to put his sack of groceries into the passenger seat of his Uncle Rory's clapped out old convertable, when a voice behind him stopped him cold. "Well, well, what do we have here... a tasty mortal with a sweet looking ride."

Cold arms wrapped tight around him, making it hard for him to breathe, then one slipped down to give his crotch a painful squeeze, and Xander felt the prickle of fangs at his throat. "How about you and me go for a bite to eat." Xander was spun around to come face to gameface with a vampire, and not one that he'd actually like to be grabbed by either. "And if your ass is a good a ride as it looks, then I might just keep you." Spike was walking through the car park with his own sack of groceries, when he came upon the whelp being forced up against the side of his car by some upstart minion.

Although Spike had been very carefully not thinking about the breach of sanity which had lead to him sucking the whelp's cock, the memory was called forth every time he got close enough to smell the boy's scent. Which was the main reason that Spike had had to get out of the basement, however, it hadn't gone unnoticed that the very crypt he now lived in, was the one against which he'd pressed the boy.

Spike carefully put his sack of stuff on the floor, and cleared his throat, "What we got here then." The minion turned, and hissed at him, "He's mine, I found him, and I don't share, certainly not with traitors like you Spike, killing your own kind." Xander found himself thrown down into the passenger footwell, and he flailed desperately to right himself, which was virtually impossible since his heels were caught on the top of the passenger door, and with his head by the gearshift, he couldn't see any of the fight he could hear going on.

The sudden silence made Xander's guts clench with icy fear, "Spike?! You there man?!" Something was moving toward the car, and the glimse Xander got of gameface when the door opened, caused him to screw his eyes up tight in fear, and start to thrash, kicking out and trying to scratch. "Whoa there whelp, that's not a nice way to say thank you to someone who's just saved your life."

Xander slowly opened his eyes to reveal Spike, out of gameface now, with a scratch on his cheek. Strong hands pulled him up from his undignified position, and started to pat him down. Xander's memory flashed back to THAT night, and he pulled away, lowering his eyes with a quick "Thanks", but as he looked back up again he caught the quick flash of hurt in Spike's eyes, before he muttered "No problem", and turned to pick up his groceries.

Xander hissed "Shit" under his breath, and started after Spike, grabbing him before he could bend down and pick up his stuff, Xander pulled Spike into the shadow of an RV. Pressing Spike up against the RV, Xander nuzzled Spike's jaw just as Spike had done to him, "Spike you really should let a person make a proper apology, before you turn your back on them and walk away." Spike couldn't help but think that those words had a double meaning somehow, but his thought processes were currently being controlled by his 'little' head, and they were more concerned with the 'Spike Approved' form of apology making, and whether-or-not Xander would really go through with it.

Xander nibbled on Spike's earlobe, as he pulled his black t-shirt from his equally black jeans, shoving it up 'til it was tucked under his arms, Xander started to play with Spike's nipples, pinching and scratching gently at the tightening nubs. Gentle bites were trailed down Spike's throat, causing him to whimper, and clutch his hands into tight fists at his sides, clutching the material of his duster, so he wasn't tempted to grab the dark head which was currently nibbling on his nipples.

Xander moved lower still, and let his tongue explore the indentation of Spike's belly, thrilling at the low moans he was able to draw out of the blond vampire. Now kneeling, Xander pulled back slightly to tackle the button fly of Spike's jeans, startled by the broken "No" Spike moaned, as he felt the loss of contact, and as their gazes met, Xander noted that Spike's eyes had darkened to the ultramarine of a summer's night sky, shot through with flecks of antique gold. Spike bit his lip to keep the demon at bey, and wondered what the boy saw when he looked so deep into his eyes, like he was trying to find Spike's non-existent soul. Whatever it was he was looking for, Xander must have found it, as he gave Spike a smile that threatened to start his heart beating, then lowered his head to concentrate on freeing Spike's cock from it's denim prison.

Xander discovered that Spike prefered to go commando, when his cock just popped out as soon as the tricky buttons had been dealt with, and he took a moment to examine the differences between them. Spike was very clearly uncircumcised, and Xander curiously manipulated the excess skin back and forth over the head, pleased by the way this made Spike moan and pant. Still moving his hand up and down Spike's shaft, Xander stuck the tip of his tongue out to taste the drop of moisture that had formed there, making a sound of enjoyment, Xander opened his mouth further to encompass the head of Spike's cock.

Spike could not pull his eyes away from the innocent enjoyment that was obvious on Xander's face, and he knew that the boy had not done this before, but as he sucked on the head, and used his hand to jack Spike's cock into his mouth, Spike knew this would not last for long. Nothing, even the few times that he had enjoyed the talented whore's mouth of Darla, just as practiced in undeath as she had been in life, had ever felt as good as this boy's untried mouth. His agile tongue seeking out every sensitive spot that existed on Spike's cock, until Spike lost control of his demon, threw back his head, and howled "Xan" to the night sky.

The first spurts of come had taken Xander by surprise, and he had pulled back, the rest splashing across his face, and when Spike came back to himself, Xander looked up into the golden eyes of the beast, and yet strangely wasn't scared. Xander was about to open his mouth to speak, when he realised he still had a mouth full of come, and since it really didn't taste that bad, Xander simply swallowed, then gaped in shock as he was pulled suddenly to his feet, and found himself with a gamefaced vampire attached to his mouth.

Spike thrust his tongue agressively into Xander's mouth, growling as he tasted himself there, one hand holding the boy, HIS boy, to him, whilst the other ripped his zip open, and started to roughly fist Xander's cock, increasing the pace, as Spike broke the kiss, and started to lick HIS boy's face clean.

Xander came messily all over Spike's stomach, but didn't get the opportunity to offer to clean it up, as Spike continued to lick his face, purring whilst he did so, and Xander could feel the hand which had been touching him, start to rub his come into Spike's skin.

To Be Continued...

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