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FIC: 'Midnight Swim' by Lady Flame [FRM]


TITLE: Midnight Swim
AUTHOR: Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk)
SERIES: X-men Evolution
PAIRING: Todd/Kurt
WARNINGS: Skinny Dipping, Voyeurism & Frottage
AUTHORS NOTE: I'm writing this for toddkurtslash, cause I realised that for someone who writes & draws as much as I do, I've been hopelessly neglecting this fandom, which is unforgivable, since I really am a big fan... so although this is definitely not my first fanfiction, it is my first Todd/Kurt, so appropriately enough I'm gonna jump in the deep end, and make a big splash, even if it's really the wrong time of year to be writing about hot summer nights... *lol*

Kurt tossed and turned in his bed, until he just gave up, and threw his covers off onto the floor, yet he was still too warm on this hot humid night. Even with the doors to the balcony wide open, there was just no hint of a breeze, and this part of the mansion didn't have the luxury of air conditioning, since Bobby broke it trying to make in snow indoors.

Kurt sighed, and sat on the edge of his bed, maybe if he went out on the balcony he could catch a breeze, but to no avail. It looked like he would have to make his own breeze, and with a bamf he was out on the lawn, and running for the trees.

Now this was more like it. Kurt felt refreshed by the wind rushing through his fur, as he jumped from tree to tree, until a flash of something pale caught his eye, out near the duck pond at the edge of the property.

Still writing...

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