Cara (aka) Lady Flame (ladyflame_uk) wrote in redhotwords,
Cara (aka) Lady Flame

MANIP: 'The Houses That Xander Built' by Lady Flame [FRAO]

Some new manips for my story 'Three Scoobies & The Big Bad Vamp' which has finally been finished for this years spring_with_xan, after being started for last year's... *coughs* better late than never is what I say!! *lol*

I have to say that I'm not very happy with how 'House of Wood' turned out, I had to enlarge his head which made it a bit blurry, (so I blurred and softened the whole thing), but I think the head ended up too wide, which makes him look too young, I'll probably have to go back and rework it...

House of Straw

House of Wood

House of Brick

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