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ANTHRO FANART: 'To The Winner Goes The Spoils' - Lady Flame [PG]


Drawn for a friend at work who loves the 'Crash Bandicoot' games on the PS2, personally I don't own a console, but Crash & friends are cool to draw... and this piece is a personal favourite!!

TITLE: To The Winner Goes The Spoils
ARTIST: Lady Flame
GENRE: Crash Bandicoot - Fanart - Anthro
IMAGE TYPE: Traditional/Digital
PUBLISHED: 21 March 2004 (revised 2 December 2004)
ARCHIVED: redhotwords, deviantART, & FurAffinity (offline at moment)

Heh heh, that lucky bandicoot gets a kiss as a reward for winning the race from a lovely racegirl... You better not let Coco see you Crash, she'll have your guts for garters *lol*.

Drawn in pencil, coloured in markers, then given the Photoshop treatment, created a pretty original background, and smoothed out the colour, etc.

Somebody pointed out (not particularly nicely I might add, and not in LJ) that Coco is Crash's sister not his girlfriend, *blinks* how am I supposed to know, as I've mentioned before I don't even own a console, besides I hold to the 'guts for garters' comment, can't see her being pleased either way, cause Issabella (the racegirl's name apparently) in this pose looks a bit ho'ish. *bling*

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Tags: anthro art, crash bandicoot & friends, fan art

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