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ORIGINAL ART: 'Schoolgirl Memories' - Lady Flame [G]


My mum saw this and said, "Oh, is that you, back when you were at school," and I realised that yes it was almost the spitting image of me when I was at school, so a few alterations in Photoshop and voila... me aged around 14.

TITLE: Schoolgirl Memories
ARTIST: Lady Flame
GENRE: Original - Anime Style - General
IMAGE TYPE: Traditional/Digital
PUBLISHED: 4 March 2004 (revised 5 December 2004)
ARCHIVED: redhotwords, deviantART

This started out cause I wanted to draw a schoolgirl, it was never meant to be a self portrait, THAT was an accident, and I wouldn't have noticed if my mum hadn't mentioned it. However, I love the pose, usually most of the characters I draw are standing up, so this makes a nice change.

The uniform is my old school's prefect uniform. Yes, I was a prefect, and I'm going back 15+ years, I went past recently and the uniform has TOTALLY changed, the girls can wear trousers now!! They couldn't have done that back then could they, no I had to walk home through gale force winds, with lashing hail, in a piggin' skirt!! X¬@

Heh, and to anyone who is of the opinion that the Japanese invented loose socks, let me tell you they were very much in vogue amongst the girls at my school in the mid/late eighties, and I imagine they still are, when you wear the same thing every day, you quickly learn how to customise it so you look different, but without having the teachers come down on you for breaking uniform rules *lol* and if we could get away with it, we used to fold over the waistbands on the skirts so they were rather less than knee-length *grins*

Drawn and coloured in pencil, then given the Photoshop treatment. This included removing a black line right across her face, thanks to my then 2 year old daughter knocking my arm when I was doing the outlining, *sigh* I really couldn't shout at her, since I could see that it would be easy enough to get rid of later. When I made it more me, I smoothed out and darkened the skin tone, messed about with the right hand, redrew the eyes, nose and mouth, and added the glasses.

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Tags: bishoujo/yuri, original art

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