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COLOUR: 'future flame...' - Kasumi/Lady Flame [PG13]


The full version of my avatar, the lineart for which was given to me to play with by my friend Kasumi, it's an anime version of myself!! (back in my 20's when my hair was short, spikeyish and complete with red streaks)

TITLE: future flame...
ARTIST: Kasumi/Lady Flame
GENRE: Original - Anime Style - Ecchi (just a teeny tiny bit) :P
IMAGE TYPE: Traditional/Digital
PUBLISHED: April 2001 (revised 14 June 2004, & 5 December 2004)
ARCHIVED: redhotwords & deviantART

This was the first piece I ever tried to CG, and is a combination of colour pencils and CG colouring, and if you're having trouble reading the lettering, the name tag reads Cara, and the badge on her arm says 'Kiss Your Ass Goodbye' :P

Original pencil lineart by Kasumi, inked and coloured by myself Lady Flame. For it's revamp I just gave it a simple background with outer glow + noise, I had wanted to make this a simple animated gif so the cursor flashed, but you can't save animated gifs in PS7 like you could in PS6, and I can't seem to figure ImageReady out... X(

Picture hosting:

Tags: bishoujo/yuri, colour work, gift art, original art

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