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DRABBLE/POETRY: 'Oh Sensei' - Lady Flame [PG13]


The first in a series of three drabbles/narrative poems for the anime 'Naruto', though they can be read separately, you'll get the most enjoyment if you read them in order!!

This is heavy on the shonen-ai (boys love)... this one is one-sided Kakashi/Yondaime.

TITLE: Oh Sensei
AUTHOR: Lady Flame
SERIES: Drabble/Poetry - Naruto - Shonen-ai
PAIRING: Kakashi/Yondaime
WARNINGS: Angsty Shonen-ai
PUBLISHED: 30 April 2004
ARCHIVED: SkyeHawke, deviantART & y!Gallery

AUTHOR'S NOTES: this was written WAY before the Kakashi Gaiden... and at the time when this was written, in my mind I saw a young Kakashi with a huge crush his Sensei, Yondaime, the fourth Hokage; alas it was a one-sided love as the Fourth was too busy making Naruto to notice. :P (Yes, in case you haven't already guessed, I'm a firm believer that Naruto is Yondaime's son!!)

‘…Oh Sensei, how your closeness makes my heart pound…’
‘…As you bend over me to correct my posture…’

‘…Oh Sensei, how you make my breath quicken…’
‘…As your cheek accidentally brushes against my own…’

‘…Oh Sensei, I love watching your lips move as you dismiss us for the day…’
‘…And imagine them against my skin…’

‘…Oh Sensei, is your hair really as soft as it looks…’
‘…How my fingers itch to touch, to caress…’

‘…Oh Sensei, how I wish you would teach me something more, something primal…’
‘…But I know that is not to be…’

‘…Oh Sensei, hidden I watched you in the park with your wife…’
‘…My heart breaks, for I see you holding hands, stealing kisses…’

‘…And I know my beloved Sensei…’
‘…That you will never love a boy like me…’

Tags: drabble poetry, homoerotica, naruto

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