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DRABBLE/POETRY: 'Now I Am The One' - Lady Flame [PG13]


The second in a series of three drabbles/narrative poems for the anime 'Naruto', though they can be read separately, you'll get the most enjoyment if you read them in order!!

This is heavy on the shonen-ai (boys love)... this one is one-sided Kakashi/Naruto.

TITLE: Now I Am The One
AUTHOR: Lady Flame
SERIES: Drabble/Poetry - Naruto - Shonen-ai
PAIRING: Kakashi/Naruto
WARNINGS: Angsty Shonen-ai
PUBLISHED: 1 May 2004
ARCHIVED: SkyeHawke, deviantART & y!Gallery

AUTHOR'S NOTES: In my mind I am picturing Kakashi (as he takes on Team 7), talking about his student Naruto, and his likeness to his father whom he had a crush on. (Yes, in case you haven't already guessed, I'm a firm believer that Naruto is Yondaime's son!!)

'...Now I am the one who is being called Sensei...'
'...Though I tried to avoid the responsibility...'
'...I could not resist...'
‘...The opportunity he presented...'

'...He is your mirror image...'
'...And I wonder...'
'...Were you as loud, when you were young...'
'...So full of life...'

'...But now I am forced to watch...'
'...As he becomes closer...'
'...Not to me, as I had wished...'
'...But to the one, he will always call...'

'...His Eternal Rival...'

Tags: drabble poetry, homoerotica, naruto

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