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ORIGINAL ART: 'Temptation of the Rose' - Lady Flame [PG13]


'Temptation of the Rose' is the title of the novel I'm writing (very WIP!!), this is the cover, and Jason one of the main characters and the 'Rose' mentioned in the title. It is an homoerotic detective story with heavy supernatural/occult overtones.

TITLE: Temptation of the Rose
ARTIST: Lady Flame
GENRE: Original - Anime Style - Bishonen
IMAGE TYPE: Traditional/Digital
PUBLISHED: 7 June 2004
ARCHIVED: deviantART & y!Gallery & RubberFolks

The lowdown on our man Jason...

Name: Jason DeVeax
AKA: 'The Rose'
Nature: Half Demon (Human Mother, Incubus Father)
Class: Gigallo
Sexuality: Bisexual (though he prefers men)
Birthday: 19 April (Aries)
Age: 25
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Green
Eyes: Blue
Piercings/Tattoo's: Tattoo of a rose on right arm, hoop and stud in right earlobe, three hoops in his left upper ear, and a chain and tassle in the lobe, both nipples are pierced with hoops, and he has a hoop through his cockhead (down through the slit, and out the side)
Attire: Leather collar with chain to nipple rings, cropped lycra vest and matching pants, with hot pink piping and gold zips, studded leather band round left upper arm, leather cuffs with buckles on each wrist, and a pair of woven metal youki surpressors round his forearms.
Special Abilities: Can drain a person's life energy through sex, and is a receiving empath.

Though Jason looks like the perfect submissive pet, (and is quite happy to play that role), he is strong and agile, and is not to be underestimated. He plays the club whore, cause hey incubus here, and he prefers to eat little and often, rather than drain someone dry (also brings less attention to himself), though it is not unknown for the occasional abusive pimp to turn up dead with a big smile on his face!!

I drew fanservice!! Go see the naked version of this... 'Jason Nude' is dedicated to my friends Massive Destruction and Spooy, for drawing lots of nice yaoi for me to drool over!! XD

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Tags: bishonen/yaoi, original art, temptation of the rose

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