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ORIGINAL ART: 'Dance For Your Daddy' - Lady Flame [PG13]


This is Marie, an original character of mine, who was originally drawn as a workmate's leaving present, but have since decided that she will be one of the characters in the homoerotic supernatural detective novel I'm writing, 'Temptation of the Rose'... she is a friend of Jason, and a fellow dancer & club whore...

TITLE: Dance For Your Daddy
ARTIST: Lady Flame
GENRE: Original - Anime Style - Dance
IMAGE TYPE: Traditional/Digital
PUBLISHED: 25 June 2004
ARCHIVED: deviantART & RubberFolks

This was a leaving gift for my friend Nick, he said he wanted something slightly pervy, and this is the result... ;P (guess his fave colour) *LOL* It's also a bit of a private joke, cause Nick is one of my fave people to go out clubbing with, an' I'm a right little raver when I go out :D

As usual, drawn and inked by hand, cel colouring and background done in Photoshop.

Picture hosting:

Tags: bishoujo/yuri, original art, temptation of the rose

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