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ANIME FANART: 'Ryouga's Surprise' (Chapter 2 Preview) - Lady Flame [R]


Fanart preview for Chapter 2 of 'Ryouga's Surprise', Ryouga walks in on something he REALLY wasn't expecting!!

TITLE: Ryouga's Surprise
ARTIST: Lady Flame
GENRE: Fanart - Ranma 1/2 - Hentai
IMAGE TYPE: Traditional/Digital
PUBLISHED: 17 November 2004

Drawn and inked by hand, in two parts... foreground and background, then coloured & pieced together with Photoshop.

With deviantART's crackdown on more - ah - explicit content, I carefully made sure that the 'background' was artfully blurred on this one, and the image small enough that it should be safe with it's mature content label, and anyway I'd like to think of this picture as sexually provocative, rather than graphic, please feel free to comment...

Besides, if you REALLY want to see what's goin' on, then all you have to do is go to the next post!! XD

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Tags: fan art, ranma 1/2, ryouga's surprise

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