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FANFICTION: 'Look Before You Leap' Chapter 3 - Lady Flame [NC17]


Third chapter in my Harry/Draco romp, and things start to heat up!!

Not quite up to NC17 level... but definitely rates an R!!

TITLE: Look Before You Leap - Chapter 3
AUTHOR: Lady Flame
SERIES: Harry Potter - Fanfiction - Slash
PAIRING: Harry/Draco
WARNINGS: m/m, slash, hurt/comfort, UST
PUBLISHED: 31 December 2004 (REVISED 15 January 2005)
ARCHIVED: AdultFanFiction & y!Gallery & SkyeHawke
AUTHORS NOTE: links to all chapters of this story can be found here

Draco popped his head round the door leading to the boys’ toilets; he checked left and right for any stragglers late for lunch in the Great Hall, “All clear, quick down the steps to the dungeons.”

Draco grabbed Harry by the arm, and started pulling him towards the stairs, “Oi Malfoy, not so fast otherwise you’ll castrate me.” Draco snickered, “Well, I did hear that the school choir needs a new boy soprano, since Finch-Fletchley’s voice broke.”

Harry glared at Draco, “Ha ha, very funny, you’re just full of it today aren’t you.” Draco spun round, his hand smacking into the wall, his arm blocking Harry’s way, “There are lots of things I’d like to be full of, and you’re just one of them.”

Harry blinked confusedly into Draco’s heated gaze, and as comprehension slowly dawned on him, he started to blush and splutter in embarrassment, “I… I… I mean… I’m not…” Draco chuckled, “You’re so cute when you blush,” he leaned closer, “it makes me want to kiss you.”

Harry choked, slammed his palms against Draco’s shoulders and pushed him back. Draco teetered on the edge of the step, arms wind milling as he tried to catch his balance, and staggering back a couple of steps Draco grabbed the handrail and righted himself.

“And you Draco Malfoy, look cute when you’re trying to stop yourself from going arse over tit down the stairs.” That said, Harry tossed his head and stalked off down the stairs. Draco watched Harry go, leaning against the wall and smirking, and as Harry got to the bottom of the stairs he called after him, “Spunky little piece aren’t you, I like that...”

Harry spun round, “Are you coming, or what?!” Draco sauntered down the stairs, passing Harry and continuing down the corridor, “I’d love to cum with you Harry, though the ‘or what’ sounds interesting too.”

“Tosser,” muttered Harry. Draco looked over his shoulder and leered at Harry, “Is that an offer, Potter.” Harry flipped Draco the middle finger, “Sit on it Malfoy, and swivel!!” Harry growled.

Draco stopped and turned slightly, still leering, “Oh, so it was an offer then... but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until we get to my room,” he smoothed back his hair with one hand, and struck a pose, “After all a Malfoy can’t be found fucking in public, Mother wouldn’t approve.”

Draco couldn’t resist looking at Harry’s face, and burst out laughing when he saw his gobsmacked expression, “Oh Merlin, Harry, if only you could see your face!!” Harry scowled, “You git, you were having me on all the time.”

Draco wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes, “Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t,” he leaned closer, his voice low and husky from laughing, and maybe something else Harry couldn’t recognise, “That’s for me to know, and for you to find out. Now stop pouting Harry, or I really will kiss you.”

Draco turned quickly, leaving Harry looking slightly dazed, and started back down the corridor, before he gave in to his instincts and pulled the dark haired teen into his arms, and into a breath stealing kiss.

Draco sucked in a deep breath, and reached down to readjust himself in his now tight pants, he squeezed his eyes shut, and started chanting a mantra in his head, “Control, control, control...” Draco snuck a look over his shoulder, after all he had to check Harry was still following him, and he was, still looking sulky and pouting. “Oh Merlin, that bottom lip of his should be outlawed; it just makes me want to suck it into my mouth and nibble on it.”

Draco came out of his daydream with a start, as he realised that the hand that he had readjusted himself with, was now making long slow strokes over the hard flesh beneath. Regretfully, Draco pulled his hand back to his side; well after one last squeeze anyway. “Think unsexy thoughts... McGonagall in nothing but a thong, all skinny and wrinkled…” Draco pulled a face, “Yuck, that worked!!”

Now thankfully back in control of his own body, Draco had come level with the entrance to the Slytherin common room. “Malfoy, how am I gonna get in there without being seen.” Draco raised his eyebrows; it would appear that his suspicions that Harry knew the exact whereabouts of the Slytherin main entrance were true.

“No problem, I know a secret entrance to the boys dorms,” Draco trained his best glare at Harry, “and you’ll swear secrecy on that Gryffindor honour of yours that you’re so proud of.”

Harry rolled his eyes, raised his right hand, thumb and little finger tucked across his palm, left hand over his heart, “I swear on my honour as a Gryffindor that I Harry Potter will never tell anyone of ‘Draco’s Secret Entrance’.”

Draco thought that if his eyebrows went any further up his forehead, then they would fall off his face, “What’s with the whole Boy Scout routine, and what the FUCK is with the ‘Secret Entrance’ stuff, does he even realise how that sounds.”

“Are you taking the piss, Harry?!” Harry just looked confused, “Huh?!” Draco tapped an elegant finger against his lips, watching as Harry’s eyes followed the movement, lingering on his lips as he did so. Draco pondered pointing out to Harry what he’d just said, and licked his lips, watching Harry flush as he followed the movement of Draco’s tongue, and then forcefully dragging his gaze away to stare at a torch on the wall. “No, I’ve had my fun for the moment, but I’ll keep it in mind for further teasing later. It would appear that our little Harry is a bit naive in the double entendre stakes.

Draco patted Harry on his shoulder and shook his head, “Never mind... the entrance we’re gonna use is just down here.” Draco continued on down the corridor until he came to a portrait of Salazar Slytherin; who appeared to be in his late teens, or early twenties; who glared at Draco and demanded, “Password.” “Slytherin Prince,” replied Draco, and the portrait swung open.

Harry stayed close to Draco as they entered, following him through the maze that was the Slytherin boys dorms, plaques on the corridors leading off read, ‘First Years’ on the left, and then ‘Second Years’ on the right, and so on down the twisting and turning main corridor, until they came to ‘Sixth Years’ on the right, and ‘Seventh Years’ straight ahead.

“It’s nice and simple this year,” Draco pointed towards the ‘Seventh Year’ dorms, “next year that will be the ‘First Year’ dorms, and they’ll have to walk ‘The Gauntlet’ like we did when we were first years.”

“The Gauntlet,” asked Harry in confusion. Draco sighed, “During the first few weeks of school, the older years like to ‘Nox’ the torches so it’s dark, and then jump out at the little first years; some of the nastier minded ones like to throw jinx’s too, though nothing too nasty, otherwise Snape would be down on them like a tonne of bricks. I remember Theodore Nott being so scared that he wet himself, and now he’ll probably be one of the worst offenders next year.”

“That’s terrible, did they scare you too?” replied Harry. Draco gave Harry a slightly scornful look, “Come off it Harry, you don’t think Father would have sent me to school without knowing a simple ‘Lumos’ spell do you... and Crabbe and Goyle took care of the more physical ones.”

Harry rolled his eyes, “Well excuse me for caring...” then Harry gave Draco an intense look, “Will you be joining ‘The Gauntlet’ next year?” Draco stopped with his right hand on the doorknob to his room and smiled; it was one of the first true smiles Harry had ever seen on
his face.

“No Harry, that’s not my style,” Draco reached up with his left hand and cupped the side of Harry’s face, his thumb tracing the length of Harry’s cheekbone where a blush was making itself known from his touch. “Besides, I have you to tease,” Draco’s gaze became heated as his thumb moved to caress Harry’s lips, “You are the only one in my thoughts… Blaise says that I’m either obsessed, or in love.”

Harry’s eyes widened slightly in shock at Draco’s words, but melted inside when Draco licked his lips, his own tongue darting out to moisten his own dry lips in sympathy. Draco drew closer, he couldn’t resist any longer, he had to steal a kiss; Harry found himself lifting his chin, his own lips parted, eyes drifting shut as he felt Draco’s warm breath on his face.

When Draco saw Harry almost offering his mouth up for a kiss, the arousal he’d squashed earlier came back full force, he watched the lovely emerald eyes flutter closed, black lashes caressing flushed cheeks, “Merlin, Harry...” Draco whispered, his own eyes closing as he moved in slowly, intending to seduce Harry with a searching kiss, to coax his tongue into a passionate dance with his own.

There was just the faintest brush of warm flesh against warm flesh, the briefest of butterfly kisses, before Draco jerked away at the sound of voices echoing down from the main corridor. Harry opened eyes that he hadn’t even realised he’d shut, he’d been so lost in the moment. A moment which had been shattered by said voices, which were even now causing Draco to stiffen, his face serious as he listened intently.

Draco’s eyes widened as he recognised the voices, Crabbe and Goyle, and they were looking for him. “BUGGER!!” Draco grabbed Harry by his upper arm and dragged him into his bedroom, the torches and fireplace flaring into life as he did so.

Harry opened his mouth to voice a complaint at his rough treatment, but was stilled as Draco put a finger to his lips in a shushing motion. Draco whispered a locking and silencing charm at the door, and turned back to face Harry’s intent look.

Draco sighed as he took in the look in Harry’s eyes, the mood had been broken once more; Draco was really starting to think that he would always have a permanent case of blue balls around his so called rival. Draco’s eyes became unfocused as he slipped into daydream; a fact that did not go unnoticed by an intent green gaze; at least this time Draco had got to taste the lips that haunted his dreams, and left him hard and aching when he woke.

Draco shook himself mentally, fantasising about having Harry’s lips wrapped around his leaking cock was not going to get him anywhere, except maybe to an embarrassing wet patch in his trousers. Even worse was the fact that Draco found his fingers caressing his own lips absentmindedly, a fact he hastily tried to remedy by pulling his hand into a fist by his side, but all that really did was draw Harry’s attention to it even more.

Draco searched his mind for something to say to break the tension which seemed to fill the room, “Of course... MERLIN I’m so stupid!! The reason we came down here in the first place, how could I forget?!” Draco turned to Harry slightly flustered, “Um, you're gonna have to take your robes off... then I’ll look at your problem, and see what I can do to fix it.”

Harry raised his eyebrows, he’d pushed the pain to the back of his mind; a little trick he’d learned, to block out the pain of the beatings his cousin and uncle liked to dish out, not to mention Voldemort’s idea of fun; and was currently finding Draco a very interesting distraction.

It would appear that there was more to Draco Malfoy than the annoyingly arrogant, aristocratic prick, who liked to get on Harry’s nerves. Harry already knew that a fiery temper lurked under the icy exterior, he’d even goaded it to the fore in the past, but currently he was enjoying the side of Draco who went all dreamy over the tiniest of kisses, and then got flustered and blushed prettily.

As Harry shrugged his shoulders out of his robe, Draco went over to the hearth and knelt down in front of the fire, “Come over here Harry, the lights better in front of the fire, and if we want to get this sorted before afternoon class starts, we’re gonna have to get a move on.”

Harry placed his robe next to Draco’s, over the back of one tapestry covered wing-backed armchair; a pair of which stood on the large green rug which had been placed in front of the hearth; and went and stood in front of Draco. Looking down at Draco kneeling in front of him, his head level with his groin, Harry’s libido was screaming at him; sending him thoughts of how pretty the blond looked in the firelight, and images of much nicer things Draco could be doing in that position.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut, blocking out the fact that Draco had now started to nibble on his bottom lip in concentration, and feeling the heat rise on his cheeks Harry argued with himself, “It’s just because I’m standing close to the fire, it’s got nothing to do with him… absolutely NOTHING!!” But Harry knew deep in his soul that he was lying to himself, knew that the blonds that had invaded his darkest fantasies recently were not of the female persuasion, and if he’d dared to look closer they probably looked very much like the teen currently knelt in front of him. “Hell, who do I think I’m kidding, Draco Malfoy has been starring in my wet dreams since the start of term!!” Harry concluded.

Harry was startled from his musing by the very person who’d been utmost in those thoughts, “I’m sorry Harry, but the only way I’m gonna free this zip, is to pull it down fast. If I try and do it slow, then it will hurt much more.” Harry sighed, and looked down into sincere grey eyes, “I guess I knew that... you better just get it over with.”

Draco yanked the zip down quickly, wincing in sympathy at the muffled cry from the other boy, looking up into eyes watering in pain; he stood up and patted Harry consolingly on the arm, “Pull your pants down, and sit on the edge of the bed, and I’ll clean and dress the wound.”

Draco turned his back on Harry, and went to get his first aid supplies from his wardrobe, where he had stashed them at the start of term; and whilst his back was to him, Harry quickly went over and sat on the bed, dropping his trousers and underpants to his knees, he pulled his shirt-tails down to cover his modesty.

Draco came back over to the bed and tucked a white paper bag under the pillow, and at Harry’s raised eyebrows merely said, “Just some supplies I’ll need later,” which just added to Harry’s curiosity.

Harry’s curiosity was further aroused, when Draco picked up a jug and basin with a Roman design from what appeared to be a Victorian washstand, he tapped the jug with his wand and spoke the magic word, ‘Caldae’, and low and behold the jug was filled with steaming hot water which Draco poured into the basin. “That’s a strange thing to have in your room; don’t you have communal showers in Slytherin?”

Of course we do, but they are as you said communal, and would you really like to shower with Crabbe and Goyle if you could help it.” Draco placed a cloth in the basin and carried it over to the bed, setting it on the floor by Harry’s feet, “I prefer a wash in the mornings, then I use the ‘Prefect’s Bathroom’ before I go to bed.”

Draco knelt down, and before Harry knew what was happening, Draco had pulled off his trainers and was sliding his trousers off his legs. “Oi, what the hell do you think you’re doing Draco?!”

“I’m not trying to seduce you Harry, not at the moment anyway,” Draco chuckled. “I need you to spread your legs, so I can get close enough to treat the wound. I can’t do it at arms length. Your trousers are in the way, and you’ll have to hold your shirt up too.” Draco squeezed out the cloth, and looked at Harry expectantly, waiting for him to make the next move.

Harry could feel his face start to flame in embarrassment, from the tips of his ears to below the collar on his shirt; he shifted uncomfortably under Draco’s gaze, the realisation that he was now going to have to put the most intimate parts of his body on display, to someone that he’d just realised came under the desirable category, was causing his heart to pound in a mixture of fear and anticipation.

For God’s sake Harry, pull yourself together,” he thought to himself, “you’re a Gryffindor, you’re supposed to be the stupidly brave ones.” After chastising himself, Harry quickly kicked off his underpants, pulled up his shirt, and spread his legs so Draco could
kneel between them and start to clean the wound.

Looking away from Draco, Harry concentrated on the design on the tapestry chairs in front of the hearth; it depicted the ‘Tree of Life’, with ‘The Serpent’ wrapped around the trunk, Adam and Eve stood either side naked except for a few carefully placed leaves, and Eve was just about to bite into the apple. It was an interesting subject for a wizard to have in their décor, since on the whole, wizards don’t have much to do with religion, and Harry wondered if Draco knew the story behind the depiction; which he’d been taught when he’d been dragged to church by Aunt Petunia in his youth, before Dudley had decided church was boring, and they’d stopped going.

Draco had been startled by Harry’s sudden movement, and when he sat there shirt pulled up round his waist, eyes averted, face blazing, Draco couldn’t help but take a moment to enjoy the view. However, before he could fall completely into lusting, Draco was made aware of what he was supposed to be doing by water dripping from the cloth in his hand, soaking through his trousers and creating a damp patch on his thigh.

Draco choked back a self-depreciating laugh, “To match the damp patch in my boxers no doubt” he thought, as he started the task at hand, “and doesn’t the phrase ‘task at hand’ start the fantasy ball rolling again... ‘Ball rolling’… MERLIN!! I need to get my mind out of the gutter, like NOW!!

He gave himself a mental shake, “Draco, this is not the time to be thinking with your cock”, he sucked in a deep breath, “you’re a Slytherin, and a Malfoy, puerile thoughts are beneath you, it’s time to rise above such things.” Draco bit the inside of his cheek, as he was treated to a mental picture of Harry Potter sprawled naked beneath him on his bed, and there was something definitely rising all right, in his pants!! “If I think one more double entendre, I swear I’m gonna kill myself!!

However, Draco was saved from self harm by everyone’s favourite hero, Harry Potter... even if the teen in question, had no idea that he’d just saved Draco from the vicious circle of his currently one-tracked mind. “Um, so you get your own rooms in Slytherin then?” Harry stuttered nervously. Draco’s only response was the arrogant arch of one pale eyebrow at the obviousness of the question, before he bent his head and started to clean Harry’s wound.

Harry sucked a breath in at the slight sting the soft cloth caused, as it did its job of cleansing the wound; but worse was the trickle of warm water which made its way across his balls, down across the hyper-sensitive flesh which lay below, before soaking into the covers of Draco’s bed; now THAT sensation had nothing to do with pain!!

Harry continued his meaningless (yet distracting) conversation, “It must be nice not to share, there’s the five of us in the Gryffindor sixth year boys dorm, and the snores are sometimes deafening, it’s a wonder they don’t wake themselves up.”

Harry deliberately didn’t mention that it was he himself, who was more likely to wake everyone up with his nightmares about Voldemort; although he’d been improving since Snape had been bullied by Dumbledore into continuing his Occulmency lessons, it still didn’t stop the ordinary nightmares which were the result of seeing too much death in his relatively short life.

This time Draco did reply, although he didn’t look up from what he was doing. “Yeah great, I’ve got a cell all of my own... it’s always gloomy down here, no matter how many candles you light; there’s always a chill to the air, no matter what season it is; and let’s not even get me started on what the damp does to my clothes, or my hair for that matter.”

The subject was obviously a favourite peeve of Draco’s, as he put the cloth down, sat back on his heels and looked Harry in the eye, and continued, “It’s impossible to keep a nice sharp crease in my trousers, and it sends my hair FRIZZY!! I don’t DO frizzy, Harry.” Draco smoothed his hair back with both hands, as if to check that talking about it, hadn’t ruined his coiffeur. “I swear I must go through a bottle of ‘Sleek-Easy’ every single week.” he continued, this time in a softer tone, “I wouldn’t mind giving up some of my privacy for a nice sunny window, any window really, sometimes I get claustrophobic down here in the dungeons.”

Embarrassed that he’d admitted one of his greatest secrets so easily, Draco quickly reached for the small plain white paper bag he’d tucked under the pillow earlier; he unfolded the top not looking at Harry, and pulled out a bottle of surgical spirit and some lint-free cotton pads. “This will sting, but we need to make sure the wound is totally clean.”

As Draco soaked one of the pads in the surgical spirit, Harry watched with interest, "What on earth is a pureblood wizard such as Draco Malfoy doing with surgical spirit?!” Harry let out a hiss of pain as the alcohol stung his torn flesh; he closed his eyes and bit his lip, mentally putting himself away from the pain, and when he opened his eyes again, the pain had dulled enough that he could distract himself with finding an answer to the thought which had occurred to him earlier.

“Surgical spirit, Draco? How very muggle of you…” Harry glanced at the label on the bottle, “Got it from ‘Boots’ too I see.” Draco shifted uncomfortably, and Harry picked up the brown glass bottle and shook it, making the clear liquid slosh around inside. “So what DID you need this for Draco? The bottle’s half full.”

Draco’s gaze flickered up briefly to meet Harry’s, then returned to concentrate on what his hands were doing, the only sign that he was at all perturbed by Harry’s question, was a slight blush across normally pale cheeks.

Harry was starting to think he was not going to get an answer to his question, when Draco mumbled, “Teenage rebellion.” Harry’s eyebrows shot up at the strange reply, and he bent his head closer to Draco’s own, his tone questioning, “Most adolescent boys consider teenage rebellion to be going to the chemist to buy condoms, NOT surgical spirit.”

Draco’s gaze drew up to meet Harry’s own slowly this time; stroking over the curve of his hip, up across the flat plains of his stomach and chest, not quite hidden by the white school shirt, across broad shoulders and up a strong neck, lingering on his lips, still slightly swollen and red from where Harry had bit them earlier, until clear emerald was met by molten grey, like liquid mercury.

Draco suddenly lunged forward, taking Harry by surprise; one hand pushed flat palmed against Harry’s chest, sending him tumbling backwards onto Draco’s bed, before he caught himself on his elbows. Draco surged off the floor, one leg between Harry’s own, the other knee on the edge of the bed by Harry’s hip, and leant over him, his hands now flat on the crushed velvet throw on which Harry was sprawled.

“What’s to say that I didn’t buy the condoms... lube too,” Draco’s voice sent shivers down Harry’s spine, “with the intention of seducing a certain brunette not too far from here.” Harry pulled himself together, he was not going to let Draco put him off the scent with his obvious distraction, he rolled his eyes, “Yeah right, stop trying to change the subject Draco, and tell me what you really bought the surgical spirit for?”

Draco pulled back until he was stood looking down at Harry, “Trying to change the subject?!” Draco felt slightly insulted, “Is he really that naive, that was definite seduction.” Harry pushed himself up until he was sat on the edge of the bed again, “Tell me.” This time there was a definite tone of command in his voice.

Draco felt a bit like a specimen in a jar under Harry’s intense gaze, which was quite impressive really for someone who was naked from the waist down; he let out a long sigh, “I can see that I’m not gonna get anywhere until I give him what he wants.

Draco’s hand went to his tie and started to loosen it, “How about I just show you...” he threw his tie on his bedside table, and pulled his sweater over his head. As Draco started to undo the buttons on his school shirt, Harry shifted nervously, “Um, Draco… what are you doing?!” Draco smirked, and pulled his shirt out of the waistband of his pants, “I thought you wanted to know why I bought the surgical spirit, Harry?”

Draco was pleased. Harry’s attention was riveted on a widening sliver of creamy flesh, more of which was being revealed as each pearly button popped out of its hole, until Draco parted the material showily with a flick of his wrists.

Harry sat open mouthed, staring transfixed at the silver hoop which graced Draco’s rosy left nipple, complete with a beautiful jade bead, etched with intricate swirls. Harry slowly let out the breath that he hadn’t even realised he’d been holding, “Wow, can I touch it?” Harry’s hand was already reaching for the scrap of silver and jade, one finger flicking at the bead and making it spin.

Draco gasped, and shifted beneath Harry’s touch. Harry snatched his hand back, “I’m sorry, did that hurt?” Draco blushed, and pulled his shirt closed, suddenly feeling self-conscious, “Um, no... it’s just... sensitive, that’s all.”

“Oh,” Harry felt relieved that he hadn’t hurt Draco, then realisation slowly dawned on him exactly what Draco meant by sensitive, “OH... er, sorry...” Harry could feel the blush starting to burn his cheeks once more, he hadn’t intended to be so forward.

Draco was staring at his feet, his own cheeks flushed, he spoke quietly, “Don’t say sorry Harry, I liked it...” Draco looked up and met Harry’s eyes briefly, before they both tore their gazes away, and looked in opposite directions, their cheeks flaming red.

Draco cleared his throat, and quickly changed the subject, “Right, we need to put some antiseptic cream on your wound, then we’re all done.” Draco reached into the paper bag again, and pulled out a tube of Savlon.

“Savlon?! Don’t tell me that was for the piercing Draco, it would make it all gunky.” Stated Harry, Draco’s last revelation had been most interesting, and Harry’s curiousity was aroused once more, “So what else did you do over the holidays, which requires antiseptic cream?”

Draco laughed, “My Harry, if this continues I’ll have to start calling you my ‘curious little kitten’.” Harry wrinkled up his nose in disgust at the pet name. “You do realise that makes you look even more kitten-like when you do that don’t you.” Harry rolled his eyes, “Just show me, Draco.”

Draco smirked, then turned serious, “Tell anyone about this Potter, and I’ll have to kill you.” Harry noticed that Draco had gone back to using his last name with that pronouncement, and it emphasised to him that Draco was about to reveal a closely guarded secret. However, it also left him confused, when exactly had they become ‘Harry’ and ‘Draco’, instead of ‘Potter’ and ‘Malfoy’, no doubt that would be something for him to ponder later.

Harry’s eyebrows shot up as Draco’s hands went to his belt, but he bit back a comment as Draco’s face was still serious. Draco undid the button of his trousers, and loosened the zip enough that he could pull down the waistband to reveal a muggle tattoo of a phoenix on his right hipbone.

This time Harry was careful to keep his hands to himself, “A phoenix, Draco?! I would have thought that was the last thing a Death Eaters son would wear.” Draco let out a derisive snort; he let go of his waistband and pulled up his sleeve, showing Harry his right forearm. “See, no Dark Mark, never will be either if I have my say in the matter. I found out a few home truths about a certain Dark Lord over the summer, he’s a treacherous bastard, and I swore that I’d never serve him, in fact I’ll see him dead first.”

Harry had taken hold of Draco’s wrist in a gentle grip, and was prodding his forearm as he examined the unmarked skin. Harry had seen Snape’s Dark Mark in the past, and once at the end of the holidays at Grimmald Place, he had inquired why Snape didn’t hide it better. Snape had been almost mellow after several fire-whiskey's, and had informed Harry that it was impossible to hide, as Voldemort preferred it that way. Absentmindedly Harry replied to Draco’s pronouncement, “He’s not even a pureblood you know, his father was a muggle.”

Harry looked up sharply, as Draco’s response almost made him jump out of his skin he’d been so deep in thought. “HA!! Why I’m I not surprised.” Draco’s tone softened as he noticed the way Harry was looking at him, “Sorry, I didn’t mean that the way it probably sounded. I met quite a few muggles over the summer, and I realised they’re just as good, bad, or indifferent, as we are.” Draco indicated their surroundings with a wave of his other hand.

The movement seemed to have brought home to Draco that his other arm was still trapped in Harry’s grip. “Um, Harry, could I please have my hand back now. I’ve still got to finish treating your wound, and it’s already halfway through lunch.” Harry let go of Draco’s arm like he’d been burned.

Draco smoothed the cool soothing cream into the tear in Harry’s skin; starting at the bottom of the wound, which was at the base of Harry’s cock where it merged into his scrotum; in circular movements up to the top of the wound, which was just below the head of his penis, and just maybe using a little more than was strictly necessary. “It looks like it’s just a minor flesh wound, it should heal quickly, though it will be a bugger for itching whilst it does. Good job you’re already circumcised, if you’d torn your foreskin it would have been very messy.”

Harry wasn’t particularly listening, he was desperately biting his lip to stop himself from whimpering in a combination of both pleasure and pain. Doubly so when Draco got to the top of the wound, as his fingertip kept nudging the flare of Harry’s cockhead, and pleasure was definitely starting to outweigh the pain.

Draco himself, had been enjoying the warm silk sensation of the skin of Harry’s cock, pulsing with blood to full attention beneath his touch, and had totally missed Harry’s silent reaction. With regret Draco spoke, “There, all done.”

As Draco slowly pulled his hand away, his fingernail accidentally scraped across the head of Harry’s cock, snagging on his slit and pulling the skin gently. Harry’s reaction was immediate; his back arched, and he fell back onto his elbows once more, hips thrusting upwards towards the retreating touch, head thrown back, eyes tight shut, Harry let out a moan worthy of a porn star.

Draco stiffened, in more ways than one, his own cock had already been half hard from touching Harry so intimately, now it stood to full attention, throbbing with need at the wanton sight before him. Working on instinct alone found Draco pushing Harry flat on his back, with himself braced on his hands and knees over his hopefully soon to be lover. “Look at me, Harry.”

Harry looked up with an expression of dazed desire, made all the more exquisite by the way his glasses had been knocked askew. Draco bent down and nuzzled Harry’s cheek until he worked his way back to his ear, and then breathily he whispered, “Would you like me to kiss it better, Harry?”

AUTHORS NOTE: Jesus!! Talk about UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension), you could cut the air between those two with a knife, good job they get some action next chapter, otherwise they might just spontaneously combust!! *snickers*

*singsongs* Draco’s gonna kiss it better, Draco’s gonna kiss it better :P

Tags: fan fiction, harry potter, homoerotica, look before you leap

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